In parallel to research, I love to learn new programming languages and technologies.
Here are some languages I know, in reverse chronological order, and some sample projects:

  1. Python (2016-2021): Simulations in various research-related topics, including:
  2. Java 8 (2017-2018): a course in object-oriented programming.

  3. Jekyll (2016): this website, featuring bilingual support.

  4. SageMath (2015-2016): an automatic prover for our envy-free cake-cutting algorithm.

  5. Node.js (2013-2016): the infrastructure for negochat, as well as:
  6. PHP+MySQL+Javascript+CSS (2005-2016): many websites, for example:
  7. Perl (2007-2014): automatic testing scripts for MeeZoog and bots for WikiSource.

  8. Java 6 (2011-2013): natural-language projects, including:
  9. NetLogo (2011-2012): agent-based simulations of land division and Jubilee simple and with income effects.

  10. C++: my M.Sc. thesis (1997-1999), real-time programming during my IAF service (1999-2004) and teaching systems programming (2018-2021).

  11. Matlab (1999-2004): simulation programming during my IAF service.

  12. BASIC (1982): my first programming language :)