Fair Division

As the world becomes more crowded, we need methods for fair division of land. The starting point of my research is the classic challenge of Fair cake-cutting. My goal is to generalize this framework in various ways in order to make it more applicable to division of land.

Online demos

Publications and working papers

  1. "Envy-Free Cake-Cutting in Two Dimensions": Erel Segal-Halevi, Avinatan Hassidim, Yonatan Aumann.      Published in AAAI 2015 conference (8 pages) and much improved in the working paper (42 pages). Extensions and improvements are welcome.
  2. "Waste Makes Haste - Bounded Time Protocols for Envy-Free Cake Cutting with Free Disposal": Erel Segal-Halevi, Avinatan Hassidim, Yonatan Aumann.      ACM Transactions on Algorithms (TALG), 2016, pages 12:1-12:32. Preliminary versions: AAMAS 2015 and arXiv 2016.
  3. "Resource-monotonicity and Population-monotonicity in Cake-cutting": Erel Segal-Halevi, Balázs Sziklai.      Presented in GAM-SOC 2015, SCW 2016 and GAMES 2016. Working paper.
  4. "Fair Cake-cutting among Families": Erel Segal-Halevi, Shmuel Nitzan.      Major revision in Social Choice and Welfare; extensions and improvements are welcome.
  5. "How to re-divide a cake fairly": Erel Segal-Halevi.      Working paper; collaborators are welcome.
  6. "Fair and Square - Cake-Cutting in Two Dimensions": Erel Segal-Halevi, Shmuel Nitzan, Avinatan Hassidim, Yonatan Aumann.      Journal of Mathematical Economics (JME), 2016, 70 pages 1-28. “The paper is now a full treatise on the subject, with enough material to fill three or four regular length articles” (–an anonymous reviewer). Preliminary versions: EuroCG 2016 (4 pages) and arXiv 2016 (54 pages).
  7. "Resource-monotonicity and Population-monotonicity in Connected Cake-cutting": Erel Segal-Halevi, Balázs Sziklai.      Working paper.
  8. "Fairly Dividing a Cake after Some Parts were Burnt in the Oven": Erel Segal-Halevi.      Working paper shows full solution for 3 agents; looking for collaborators and ideas for extending to 4 or more agents.
  9. "Fair Division of Land (Ph.D. Thesis)": Erel Segal-Halevi (supervised by Yonatan Aumann and Avinatan Hassidim).      Submitted version.
  10. "Fair Allocation based on Diminishing Differences": Erel Segal-Halevi, Avinatan Hassidim, Haris Aziz.      Accepted to IJCAI-2017. Full version